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automatic income blueprint

Automatic Income Blueprint

Here you will learn how to build your own unstoppable and very profitable ‘AUTOMATIC’ income or cashflow … by attracting all the new business you want!

Lots of businesses, just like yours, or individuals just like you, have solved their income or cash flow problem by using the OBAZ Automatic Income Blueprint!

They had been struggling to generate disposable cash. But now, thanks to the machine, they have been transformed and are enjoying an ever swelling bank account. That will continue regardless of financial conditions.

Inside this much sought after blueprint.

Here's What You Will Find

Online Marketing Workshop  

This workshop is conducted by Paul a veteran online marketer. An internationally recognized digital marketing expert, sales funnel expert, SEO specialist, and digital marketing course creator. He is the co-founder of numerous online businesses, a movie producer, podcaster, author, and an internationally recognized digital marketing expert. He has been running online businesses for well over 20 years, starting in high school. 


His proven digital marketing strategies have helped people, just like you, achieve amazing results in multiple industries including BioTech, Finance, E-commerce, Health, Entertainment, and more. 

He is one of the most sought after experts on the topic of email marketing and digital marketing. And the creator of over 20 digital marketing training courses with a global audience of successful online entrepreneurs. 

In this workshop he shows that keeping things simple really is the best policy.

 Online Business Mastery HD Training Videos 

The internet is changing lives of people and the way all businesses do business. It is easier than ever to start an online business than an offline brick and mortar business. Or to take an existing business online. The start-up is far less capital intensive, the barrier to entry far lower, and the return on investment can be insane for the time you put in.

Here in these online business mastery HD Training Videos you'll get an overall picture of how automated online marketing will help your business and make money.

You’ll learn...

• What is online business and opportunities that exist.


• What are the models out there that exist that people can leverage to create what they personally want in their lives and decide which the right one for you is.

• How to get an idea for a business -- how you figure out exactly what it is you want to do and then how to take action on it.

• The process of deciding a name for your business and getting your domain name registered.


• How to design your website and business logo, setting up your merchant accounts, registering your social media profiles and joining your first advertising network.

• Step by step how to set up Google analytics for your business.

• Tips to develop an online marketing framework for your business.

• How you’re going to bring new visitors to your website. 

• Ways your brand can leverage content marketing channels and strategies to connect with prospective customers.

• Which paid advertising channels are the right fit for your brand and advertising message.

• How to use email marketing to enhance the relationship of your business with its customers and prospects and encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.

• Whether affiliate networks are right for your business.


• How to get discovered with the right SEO techniques.

• How social media can be a powerful customer engagement engine and web traffic driver for your business.


• How to outsmart the crowd with a stellar mobile marketing strategy.

• List of analytics and optimization tools to help you evaluate your online business performance.

Plus - Step By Step Training Videos 

Offer creation and page building.

Building a complete opt-in funnel.

Creating a sales campaign with email.

And much, much more!

All of this is yours today

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